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Feb. 18th, 2009



WordPress.com has a new importer

WordPress.com has taken the time to make a very much improved LiveJournal Importer, for those interested in moving there.

Jan. 14th, 2009


Google releases blog conversion scripts


Google has some scripts for converting to and fro blogger and other blog formats, such as Wordpress and Livejournal. Although the script is from LJ to blogger, you can also go from blogger to wordpress.

In other news, WP 2.7 supports threaded comments.
However, you need to either update your theme yourself, or use a 2.7 compatible theme to use them. (As well as turning it on in the options)

Dec. 18th, 2008

evil robot


Comment Reply Plugins

Does anyone use a good wordpress plugin that allows you to reply to blog comments and send email notification to the people who leave them?


Dec. 8th, 2008

Doctor Who-03


ljuser tag functionality

Just discovered this plugin that mimics the lj user tag functionality: lj users

[ljuser]USERNAME[/ljuser] for users.
[ljcomm]COMMNAME[/ljcomm] for comms.

Nov. 28th, 2008


Crossposting to Multiple Journals? Yes Please!

Recently, I decided to migrate my custom blog system to WordPress. The only problem? The old code had native support for cross-posting to multiple Danga-based journals at once.

Such functionality seemed to be sadly lacking in the existing crossposting plugins, so I wrote a new one.

Life is good.

Nov. 18th, 2008

oak views


2.7, comments, plugins, avatars

So, 2.7 is coming and it will have native threaded comments (Yay!). It will even pick up seamlessly from plugins like Wordpress Thread Comments and preserve all the threading you already have (Yay!!). What it doesn't have is email notifications to the parent comment author (Argh!).

Since this is currently being left up to plugin authors to do, I wrote a plugin to do it. It's a lot like LJ comments: simple html and it quotes the parent comment and then the new one and has a link to the thread.

While I was at it, I wrote up a plugin to do the same thing to post-author notifications of new comments (quoting parent and html-ified).

And, while I was in the groove, I rewrote my old patch of the LJ icon + Gravatars plugin--in fact, I rewrote it sufficiently that I gave it a new name. It now recognizes LJ, IJ, JF, GJ and DeadJournal just because; new Danga-type sites can be added easily (anyone know of any more that should go in?).

To top off, since the lack of local user icons was driving me batty, I split off that function into its own plugin. It's pretty simple, but it will let any logged in user with file upload abilities load, replace and delete a local user icon.

Note, both of these run on top of the native get_avatar function, so your theme needs to have that in place for the plugins to work. On the bright side, that function is automatically bundled with the shiny new wp_list_comments function that comes with 2.7.

Nov. 5th, 2008

evil robot


Advertising and exporting

Has anyone purchased a domain name while hosted on Wordpress, then decided to export the blog? What happens to the domain name?

Does anyone incorporate advertising in some way? I didn't realize that I could have select sponsors on my site and there are a few places I'd really like to endorse.



livejournal crossposter

I have been crossing posting my LJ entries to WP for a few years now. I'm interested in having a link on my WP blog to the corresponding LJ post, because I get a lot more comments over there and I want to have a reference link. Does anyone know how I could edit the php in order to do this? I have absolutely no skills in this area.

Oct. 21st, 2008

rey last red


About cross posting

Today I set up plugin "LJ crosspost" for posting directly from wordpress to livejournal. Unlike Live+Press which has many interesting features, it's not so customizable. However, it is enough for me and it works a little faster then the Live+Press. And finally, it works with russian language)))

But I missed one feature - it's quite annoying that you can only post to livejournal the same text as to wordpress. I wanted to have two quite different variants of text. So I modified plugin a little to work with excerpts.

Details on Here. Sorry for Russian. If you need the same feature - just replace the first code fragment with the second. You can check cross-posted entry here.

Aug. 25th, 2008



Sidebar editing question

How can I make the sidebar look different, depending on the page in question?

For example, on my home page, I would like the sidebar to show an excerpt from my latest blog entry, and also an excerpt from the most recently updated page. But on individual pages, I would like the sidebar to show a list of pages only of certain categories- on my page about Ponding, for example, I would like the sidebar to show a list of pages categorised "ponding" and an excerpt from the most recently updated page in that category.

Is this best done with widgets, or with the sidebar itself?

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