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worldserpent in lj2wordpress

The DiSo Project and Thinking of Ways to Collaborate

Last entry, I was inspired to go searching for more information on whether WP plugin developers are attempting to create social networking plugins for WP, and I stumbled upon the DiSo project, which stands for Distributed Social Networking. Although it's in its early stages, it sounds like a very interesting idea. I've collected some links related to it, and to OAuth and OpenID.

http://diso-project.org/blog/ Distributed Social project
http://factoryjoe.com/blog/2007/12/06/oauth-10-openid-20-and-up-next-diso/ More on how OpenID and OAuth could perhaps be used in this context.
http://www.readwriteweb.com/archives/wordpress_stays_hip_with_the_t.php More on Oath (scroll down)
http://dig.csail.mit.edu/breadcrumbs/node/206 Possibly a combo of OpenID and FOAF may work to whitelist people you already are friends with!
http://commented.org/blog/2008/1/3/continuous-openid.html Proposal for continuous OpenID
http://factoryjoe.pbwiki.com/DistributedSocialNetwork ... I think this is what the OP is looking for.
http://apassant.net/blog/2007/09/23/retrieving-foaf-profile-from-openid/ Retrieving FOAF with openID
http://redmonk.net/archives/2007/11/25/making-a-list-whitelisting-with-openid-and-xfn/ Whitelisting via OpenID and FOAF
http://eran.sandler.co.il/openid-delegate-wordpress-plugin/ OpenID delegation: make your WP blog, any one of them, a valid openID.
http://www.sixapart.com/blog/2007/10/oauth_share_you.html 6A's usage of Oauth

I've also been thinking. This comm is a great idea, but in a way, wouldn't it also be a good idea to create a WP installation where we could also come together to discuss these issues off LJ? (The wiki is a good way for disseminating information, but not so much for discussion) Such a WP installation could also function as a testing ground for all these new plugins being created, and we could have something to show others an example of what we're talking about, showing folks the ways WP can do some of the things LJ can do, and great things WP can do that LJ can't do.

Also, a lot of what lj2wp is about is about attempting to recreate the interactive features in LJ. However, often once we move to WP, our flists often don't move to WP with us, although they may read, or they don't actually use their WP blogs, using them instead as backups. So, even if we install social networking WP plugins, we don't have people to test them out with, or to use them on our blogs. By using our existing WP blogs or creating new WP blogs to test out these plugins, as a group, we could attempt to see which plugins actually work to help create a WP 'social network,' or a distributed blogging community, and write reports in plain English about how to resolve problems involved in doing this.


username: worldserpent
email addr: worldserpent@gmail.com

Hmm... Unless they wrote about it somewhere else, they seem to be saying that they weren't able to create filtering? they were only able to create one group, "friends," using role manager, but weren't able to create more groups.
Nope, she sorted that out - check out her migration guide and everything tagged with "livejournal". Unfortunately, the solo WP plugins she's using don't work on WPMU, but I got another one which has a couple of levels of filtering. I am planning on doing another install on a different domain with subfolders and the latest WPMU which may play nicer. But for now, it does most of what I need it to, so I'm not touching anything til I have a good chunk of time and some impetus to do more.

Account created! Note: the site is a bit slow as it's on a shared hosted account with a whole bunch of other stuff.
Okay, cool. I'll try those too.

Thank you! I'll take a good look at your plugins.

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