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Converting LJs to Wordpress
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Community for moving from LJ to WordPress-based blogging, or for LiveJournalers who are interested in doing WordPress on the side..

WordPress is an open source blogging platform. lj2wordpress is dedicated to replicating the better features of LJ on the WordPress platform with plugins, or researching features people always wanted on LJ but can't get here for all kinds of reasons, like full search for posts and comments (which would put too much strain on LJ's servers).

We're looking into:
  • OpenID integration with posts and comments, so LiveJournal users can see filtered posts and make authenticated comments
  • Ability to run polls--with OpenID authentication
  • Transferring over all current LJ posts and comments
  • Integration with sound/video media
  • Templates and layouts
  • Use of Mood/Music fields
  • Compatible, reliable, inexpensive hosting
  • Screening of comments and prevention of spam
  • Threading of comments
  • Desktop posting clients
  • Duplication of LJ-Cuts
  • Tags = Categories
  • Integration with gallery software

We're especially in need of PHP developers, but we can also use template designers, user testers, researchers, WordPress experienced folk, and documentors.

We keep a bit list of links to things we've found here.

If all of this is new to you, come right on in! We're all here to learn and help each other.